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Hexalobular socket screws
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Hexalobular socket screws

The hexalobular socket screws are characterized by a cavity with a 6-point star-shaped profile and they are one of the best systems available on the market. The hexalobular socket screws provides numerous advantages compared to screws with hexagonal socket.

Thanks to the hexalobular socket there is more contact surface between the tool and the screw; this allows to:
  • Apply a higher tightening torque reducing the probability to damage the head of the screw;
  • Transmit an optimal strenght and reduce the radial forces, ensuring a longer life of the tool and of the screw;
  • Reduce the probability of the tool slippage;
  • Have a fast and precise centering.
Thanks to its peculiarity, the hexalobular socket is suitable for a safe combination, both by hand and by screwdriver. The ample diffusion in the automotive, motorcycle, computer and consumer electronics sectors allowed the standardization of the hexalobular socket according to the ISO100664 terms.